Around Town In Walsenburg, CO.

~~~~~by danLrene~~~~~©2011

Fireside Cafe

The Fireside Cafe has been around for years. At least the sign has. This past year, a new owner took over but uses the same lit up sign that residents are so used to. It is a journey back in time when going to the local hamburger place was “THE” thing to do. Now, the Fireside Cafe is a great place to go eat and sit and relax and just enjoy friends and family.

Owner Chris Reiners


606 Main Street

Walsenburg, CO 81089

719 738 1109

We have eaten several times at the Fireside Cafe and truly enjoyed the food, the company and the atmosphere. It is great for that small dinner, or a family gathering or even if you have a group gathering that you want to hold.

The cafe is decorated with movie memorabilia and I was sitting there expecting to hear music from the fifties and sixties playing. They have tables, booths and even bar stool sitting. It is surely a wonderful combination of the past and the present and a great place to go eat.

I absolutely love the bar and stools. The bar is polished wood and reminds me of days of going to the old drug store when I was a child and getting those thick chocolate milkshakes.

The fire was not going on the night we ate but now that cold weather is here, we feel sure it will be in use. What a gorgeous stone fireplace.

So, come on out to the Fireside Cafe and try their special FIRESIDE BURGER.

Or one of the other Sandwiches.

One of my favorites is the Combination appetizer tray with everything from fried mushrooms to fried dill pickles. We ordered just the combination platter one day and just sat and talked as we nibbled on all the delicious treats on the tray. My favorite had to be the fried mushrooms.

They also have Soup, Salad and chili. I love their Crispy Chicken salad and it is a meal in itself. Throw in a bowl of soup and you will leave the Fireside Cafe feeling full and very contented. They also have grilled chicken salad for the health conscious person and grilled steak salad and their own house salad.

Top that meal off with one of their great deserts like “The Elvis”.  They take their peanut butter and jelly treat, deep fry it, top it with a banana sauce, a spoon of vanilla Gelato, whipped cream and topped with a cherry. They also have funnel cake and their Chocolate Brownie Delight, a triple chocolate brownie topped with vanilla Gelato, whipped cream and a cherry. Talk about “death by chocolate”.  What better way to end the meal.

So, come on down to the Fireside Cafe in Walsenburg, Colorado and enjoy a really unique experience and great food. The people are friendly, like all of Walsenburg and the service is great. And you will find a place for that special group gathering that you have wanted to set up.

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