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Walsenburg Lumber Co.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful hardware store in our town. Just about anything you could need from a hardware store or lumber yard is here and a store with great service too. We may be a small town but we are an all in one town.


Serving Colorado since 1909


M-F  8-5 and Sat. 8-2

(719) 738-3700
403 W 7th Walsenburg, Walsenburg, CO 81089

Need materials for those repair jobs? They have electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, lumber, fencing…just about anything you could need without having to drive to another town to get it.

Or how about some gardening supplies. I can tell you personally that the seeds are top-notch and we had them sprouting in five days even though the package said ten plus days. If you want quality, go to Walsenburg Lumber Co..


And of course, there are those lawns that need mowing.

Ready to do some painting, come on down to Walsenburg Lumber CO and check out the paint department. Everything you need is right there in one place.

What about that remodeling in the kitchen or bathroom?

Or maybe some fencing to keep the pets in or to make a safe play area for the children.

Need that special nut or bolt to complete a job. Or a fan to cool you while you are working?

Or what about those power tools you need?


And don’t forget all that yard work and flower beds.

Walsenburg may be small but it has everything you need here in the town without all the hassle of big town traffic.  Come visit Walsenburg Lumber Co and see all the wonderful things they have in the store. You may find that you suddenly have a project that you want to work on now.

Museum of Friends


Residents of Huerfano County and Walsenburg are very lucky. We have an Art Museum here called the “Museum of Friends”.  Inside you will find all genre of artwork from sketches, paintings, drawings, sculptures, metal work, and the list goes on. We may be a small town but we have something that most small towns do not have. Below are Brendt Berger and Maria Cocchiarelli-Berger, the curators of the Museum of Friends in Walsenburg.

Please check the EVENTS Page for upcoming Art Exhibits.

Now for a virtual tour of the Museum. It does not do it justice and this is only the top floor. They are also setting up exhibits in the downstairs section.

The Hawaiian Exhibit is absolutely wonderful. There are so many wonderful pieces of artwork in there and when Brent Burger tells you the history of the pieces in this room, it takes you to worlds far away. Please make sure and stop by to see all the exhibits and especially this room.

This is only part of the museum and I will be adding more pictures so check back to see them. We are so blessed to have all of this artwork and be able to come here and view it. It is something our schools can take advantage of and local artists can bring in artwork to show here.

Brent Burger talking about his Art work

Black Diamond Plaza

I was so thrilled to find out that Walsenburg has it’s very own Sports Store. There is everything sports wise you could imagine in there from the jerseys to jackets to license plate holders, to wallets, to banners to baseball caps and to some of the most beautiful and luxurious Raschel Blankets with the insignia on them. They also have animal ones and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and others. These blankets are very large and soft and the colors and quality are just wonderful.

The first place I went was to the very back room where all the wonderful rugs of all sizes are. I could spend hours in there.

Then there were bags after bags of the Raschel Blankets and I mean high quality blankets. They are gorgeous. You will have to visit to see them all.

For you sports enthusiasts, look at all the jackets and jerseys and baseball caps and other items.

The Black Diamond Plaza is a Sports Store and it is also a Variety Store and Gift Shop.

And they will ship anywhere in the USA. So, if you are from far off and see something you like, give them a call and place an order.

Main Street Office Supply

We are so lucky in Walsenburg to have an office Supply store. We are able to get those ink cartridges and paper that we need without traveling to the next town.

Not only does Bill Downey have the office supplies, he also has greeting cards and other gift items.  Go on town to his store and check it out. He is just up from the Fox Theatre.

Precision Cuts & Styling

Walsenburg, Colorado might be a small town but we are uptown with so many stores and even hair salons.  I decided a needed a hair cut and so thought I would try out Precision Cuts & Styling at 117 E 6th Street. I was not disappointed. Mike, the owner, is very friendly and welcoming, but more importantly, he listens to what you want and tries to give you exactly what you ask for.

To enlarge pictures, click on them or click control and the plus sign.


Precision Cuts and Styling is a one man operation. I had no problems getting a hair appointment.  I am extremely ticky about someone doing my hair and so was very pleased to see that Mike gave me exactly the hair cut that I wanted.

Next time you need your hair cut or styled, come on down to Precision Cuts and Styling. Mike knows how to do both men and women’s cuts and styles. So, don’t waste that gas driving to Pueblo or Trinidad when we have Precision Cuts and Styling right here in Walsenburg.


Grandpa and Grandma’s This And That

Grandpa and Grandma’s This and That was one of the first stores we went into when we moved here. What a delightful place it is. And they make the BEST milkshakes you have ever tasted. My taste buds get in gear just at the mention of a chocolate shake at Grandpa and Grandma’s This and That.

To enlarge pictures, click on them. If you want to make them even bigger, click control and the plus sign.

Grandpa and Grandma’s This and That is a combination Ice Cream Parlor and gift shop. When you walk through the door your eyes are drawn to the Blue Bell ice cream sign and the booths on the left side.

Grandma or Grandpa are right there to make you that special cone or milkshake and while you are waiting you can walk around looking at all the gifts and vintage items.

Grandma was there behind the counter when we visited that day and her friendliness and charm make you feel right at home. While she was waiting on customers in front of us, we wandered around the little shop looking at all the items for sale.

You could just about do all your gift buying right here while waiting for your ice cream cone or milkshake.

The ice cream milkshakes, made like old timey milkshakes is worth the trip to Walsenburg to get. So, head on down this way and while here visit all the shops but make sure you come to 7th Street and visit Grandpa and Grandma’s This and That shop and get one of the fantastic milkshakes or ice cream cones.

Common Construction and Concrete

Looking for that extra help you need to fix those windblown shingles or repair part of your home?  Need help with concrete work?  Looking for HONEST, RELIABLE work?

Need roofing, siding, flooring, concrete work, plumbing, electrical, shingles or other construction work done?


RELIABLE>>>>>>>>>>>.DEPENDABLE>>>>>>>>>>>>.HONEST>>>>>>>>>>>FAIR PRICES

Black Dawg Pawn and Gold

Walsenburg, CO has it all. We even have pawn shops. Pawn Shops are one of my favorite shops to visit. Today I went down to visit the Black Dawg Pawn and Gold Shop.  I enjoyed talking with the people in the shop and meeting Sadie, the shop Dog. What a beauty. Sadie invites us all to come tour the Black Dawg Pawn and Gold Shop.

Click on pictures to enlarge. If you want them even larger, click control and the plus sign.


Patricia & Pat Rowe

Buy right on Ebay


Sadie says come on and she will show you some more.

Sadie Says there is lots more to see.

Sadie is resting before she shows you the rest. She says it takes all day to look at everything in this store.

Come on to Walsenburg, Colorado and check out the Black Dawg Pawn and Gold. And while you are here check out all the other stores.

C&B Variety/Dot’s This N That

I love Second Hand Stores. There are always treasures to be found and C & E Variety/Dot’s This N That store is no exception


There are two rooms filled with everything from clothing, kitchen items, jewelry, knickknacks, sewing and yarn items, sheets, towels, furniture, and you name it. It is like having a flea market inside.

Looking for jewelry at a reasonable price. This is the place.

I loved going all over this store and looking at things. I tried to see everything but there was too much to see.

As you look at the pictures you can see there is no way anyone could list everything in this shop. Just enjoy wandering through and looking.

So, if you are into second hand shops and love to plunder through table after table, come on down to C&B Variety Shop and look around. You might be like son here who found a piece he was looking for on a project he is working on. Come on down to Walsenburg, CO and shop in all the stores. We have it all.

Fireside Cafe

The Fireside Cafe has been around for years. At least the sign has. This past year, a new owner took over but uses the same lit up sign that residents are so used to. It is a journey back in time when going to the local hamburger place was “THE” thing to do. Now, the Fireside Cafe is a great place to go eat and sit and relax and just enjoy friends and family.

Owner Chris Reiners


606 Main Street

Walsenburg, CO 81089

719 738 1109

We have eaten several times at the Fireside Cafe and truly enjoyed the food, the company and the atmosphere. It is great for that small dinner, or a family gathering or even if you have a group gathering that you want to hold.

The cafe is decorated with movie memorabilia and I was sitting there expecting to hear music from the fifties and sixties playing. They have tables, booths and even bar stool sitting. It is surely a wonderful combination of the past and the present and a great place to go eat.

I absolutely love the bar and stools. The bar is polished wood and reminds me of days of going to the old drug store when I was a child and getting those thick chocolate milkshakes.

The fire was not going on the night we ate but now that cold weather is here, we feel sure it will be in use. What a gorgeous stone fireplace.

So, come on out to the Fireside Cafe and try their special FIRESIDE BURGER.

Or one of the other Sandwiches.

One of my favorites is the Combination appetizer tray with everything from fried mushrooms to fried dill pickles. We ordered just the combination platter one day and just sat and talked as we nibbled on all the delicious treats on the tray. My favorite had to be the fried mushrooms.

They also have Soup, Salad and chili. I love their Crispy Chicken salad and it is a meal in itself. Throw in a bowl of soup and you will leave the Fireside Cafe feeling full and very contented. They also have grilled chicken salad for the health conscious person and grilled steak salad and their own house salad.

Top that meal off with one of their great deserts like “The Elvis”.  They take their peanut butter and jelly treat, deep fry it, top it with a banana sauce, a spoon of vanilla Gelato, whipped cream and topped with a cherry. They also have funnel cake and their Chocolate Brownie Delight, a triple chocolate brownie topped with vanilla Gelato, whipped cream and a cherry. Talk about “death by chocolate”.  What better way to end the meal.

So, come on down to the Fireside Cafe in Walsenburg, Colorado and enjoy a really unique experience and great food. The people are friendly, like all of Walsenburg and the service is great. And you will find a place for that special group gathering that you have wanted to set up.

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